Getting back to the studio at Level 2

We are so excited to be back in the studio


Before we head back to the studio though there are a few new rules at level two put in place by the government and Sport and Exercise NZ to keep as all safe as. The main rules are around wearing masks and keeping a 2 metre distance (even though we know many of you will be in work/social/whanau bubbles).

So how will this look?

1. Booking and paying

This must all be contactless, so as usual go back to flicking us a txt and popping through your payment via a bank transfer- all of those details will be on our website. Because we are down to just 8 spaces per class we encourage you to book early and if you do need to cancel this must be done as early as possible so someone else can take your spot. We may need to charge for no shows or late cancellations. If you are sick though you know the drill, let us know and stay home. 2. Arriving at the studio Please try not to arrive at the studio too early in level 2, if you are more than 5 minutes early it's best to wait in your car. You must wear a mask to enter the space, be mindful and give each other plenty of space. If the studio doors are shut we ask that you wait on the stairs. There are marks on the floor where it is safe to stand. When the studio doors open please contiune to give each other space as you come in and take off your shoes. Ideally, leave bags and coats in your car and just bring the essentials. Don't forget to sanitise and scan or sign in! 3. Your practice Roll out your mat with the top edge lining up with a line of tape on the floor. You are still welcome to use one of out mats, however we ask that you bring a towel to place over it and give it a good clean when you have finished. Once your mat is rolled out you can remove your mask. Jen and I will need to stay on our mat up the front and if we are not demonstrating the class we may put our mask back on. 4. Leaving At the end of practise please place your mask back on, thoroughly clean any equipment you have used and leave being mindful of others around you. We know that it is impossible to continually be 2 metres away from each other and the rule is use common sense here - give as much space as you can, be patient and be kind. A Final note on bookings We want to make sure all of you are getting to the classes that you want so please don't be or offended if we ask you to adjust your booking if you have over three classes booked in a week. Otherwise bookings will be on a first in first served basis The best classes space wise are our morning classes. For all other information please head over to our website and if you have any questions please reach out. We are all in this together as the saying goes so lets play by the rules and hope for a fast return to level 1. We can't wait to see you all in person. Nga mihi Emm & Jen

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