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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa, from the Sanskrit meaning “to place in a special way” is a fast-paced postural yoga that co-ordinates breath with movement, to cultivate awareness, not just through the shapes or asanas but also through the transitions. Vinyasa traditionally involves a seated warm up, sun salutations, a flowing sequence of standing poses moved through three times, back bends, forward folds and sometimes inversions.

Our Vinyasa Flow classes are creative and dynamic and we aim move the body on every plane allowing our participants to disengage with tangles of thoughts and everyday stresses while keeping the body healthy and mobile and increasing the flexibility not just of the body but also of the mind

These classes are fast paced and require a good level of fitness and strength; we often work up a sweat. Vinyasa Flow is easily adaptable to suit all levels and listening to your body, taking rests as needed or pushing yourself where you can, is always encouraged.


Hatha Flow

Hatha is the name given to describe all postural yoga. The name Hatha can be translated both into activity, strength, wilfulness and into balance with ‘Ha’ meaning sun and ‘Tha’ meaning moon. In Hatha, asana or poses are traditionally held for longer giving you time to really feel into how your body responds and giving you a chance to build up strength and resilience in each pose. Breathing techniques are still used throughout hatha yoga with an emphasis on aligning body, mind, and breath.

At Central Yoga Studio we add an element of flow allowing creativity in our sequence to ensure class participants are getting a full body experience of strength, release and calm. Allowing space for both dynamic movement and steady holds.

Hatha Flow classes are slower than vinyasa flow but still build heat and strength. These classes are easily adaptable to suit all levels. 


Slow Flow

Slow flow is a new style of yoga combining the flow elements of vinyasa, with the strength of hatha and the mindfulness and calm of yin to create a practice that is sustainable and even therapeutic for all bodies and all abilities. Slow flow allows participants to explore the rhythm of the body, the breath and movement and go deeper into how the body feels.

At Central Yoga Studio these classes are a great pace to get started into a yoga practice or a great compliment to a more physical practise whether that is a yoga practice or another physical sport. Slow flow id also a great way to release the body from the more static aspects of everyday life.


Yin/Restorative Yin

Yin Yoga was born through the martial arts traditions of Chinese Medicine, when martial artists were looking to new ideas to help restore their bodies and balance their Chi or bodies energies. In Yin Yoga we hold a shape for roughly 3-5 minutes which allows the fascia and connective tissues to release allowing for both a deep stretch and healing in the body. This is a very meditative practise with plenty of time to feel into every cell of the body and to explore the breath in each shape.

Yin can be a great addition to a very active physical life or to compliment a strong vinyasa practise.

At Central Yoga Studio we offer Yin, which tends to be a little stronger and Restorative Yin which encourages a greater use of props for a more nourishing practise.

A yin class can be an advanced practise as it is very challenging to allow the body and the mind to be still. At CYS we allow for movements and modifications making this class suitable to everyone (with the exception of those who are pregnant, although we are happy to chat with you if you are pregnant and would like to come to a yin class).


Stretch & Mobility

If flexibility isn't your friend, then this is the perfect class to get you started. Gentle enough for all levels with just enough of a challenge to get you hooked. This classes focuses on, you guessed it, stretching out the body and mobilising the joints, helping you move more easily through day to day life. This class is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to get back to basics in their yoga practise



Functional Fitness

Strength and Mobility

This fun class is is a yoga inspired functional fitness class

The perfect companion to Stretch and mobility this class has a strong focus on strengthening the body, keeping our bodies fit and healthy to perform everyday activities as well as prevent against injuries This is a great class for beginners but is suitable for all levels as well.



TONE is our Pilates inspired functional fitness class.

The TONE concept is a complete body workout focusing on form and alignment. High repetitions with a lighter resistance help develop muscular strength and definition. The specific exercise sequencing targets legs, glutes, back and core with a focus on Pilates, cardio bursts, and body weight exercises. In the class we will use resistance bands, foam rollers and Pilates balls to maximise effectiveness. 


Try TONE to compliment and advance your yoga practice

Mat Pilates

We are currently trialing a traditional mat Pilates class.

This class is suitable for intermediates and above and we recommend a good base level of fitness. This class is the challenge you have been looking for, with traditional mat Pilates fitness and sequencing. Tone and lengthen arms and legs and strengthen back and core.


Specialty Classes

Mens Yoga

Dudes, blokes, men of Cromwell we know you work hard and you play hard to so we have created a class just for you to keep your body going, whether you are missing your sports, overdid it during lockdown or feeling those aches now that your back at work. Join Jen as she takes you through a full body stretches and strengthening, bring back or increase mobility and flexibility while maintaining your strength.

Baby Too

This class is just what it sounds lie, a yoga class you can bring your baby to. These classes are aimed at post-natal mum’s, but we encourage any carer’s of wee ones to come along. If you are post-partum it’s best to wait 6-8 weeks before coming to class and you can keep coming back to hang out until your baby starts crawling.


In these classes we go with the flow sometimes it is crazy fun and other times it is zen and chill. Your baby can hang out alongside while you move through gentle yoga flows and breathing exercises that if you are post-partum will help you explore your new, amazing body and bring back strength and mobility. 



A class just for mama’s to be to be nurtured and held while you safely move your body, mobilising and strengthening through every trimester. Connect with your changing body and your baby through breath, movement and meditation.




Casual: $16

10 Class Pass: $135 (Valid for 6 months)



Casual: $123

10 Class Pass: $110 (Valid for 6 months)

Intro Offer:

3 class pass: $33

(Valid for 14 days from first use. Offer for new clients only)


Monthly Unlimited:

One Month $105

Three Months $295


Private Yoga:

One Session: $70

Four Sessions: $240

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