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Help, Im new to Yoga

Stretch & Mobility

If flexibility isn't your friend, then this is the perfect class to get you started. Gentle enough for all levels with just enough of a challenge to get you hooked. This classes focuses on, you guessed it, stretching out the body and mobilising the joints, helping you move more easily through day to day life. This class is perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to get back to basics in their yoga practise

Yoga for Men

Dudes, blokes, men of Cromwell we know you work hard and you play hard to so we have created a class just for you to keep your body going, whether you are missing your sports, overdid it during lockdown or feeling those aches now that your back at work. Join Jen as she takes you through a full body stretch and strengthener, bring back or increase mobility and flexibility while maintaining your strength.

Six week of Yoga just for Men Starting May 27th. Sign up to all 6 with our special pricing or use your concession to drop into just the classes you can make it to.

Yin Yoga

Need some time to chill out and give your body and mind some love? We’ve got you. Yin yoga is designed to release stress and tension from the body, calm the mind and renew your energy. Poses are mainly floor based and held for 3-5 mins each. Set with some mellow tunes, in this class we will breathe, lengthen and recharge your wonderful bodies. This class is the perfect way to slow down. Suitable for ALL levels.


Vinyasa is an energising style of yoga that builds your flexibility, mobility and strength. The yoga postures run together as a fluid sequence to create a strong practice, all mixed in with a sweet playlist and a few laughs. This is yoga for YOUR body, no stress, no competition, no judgement. All levels are welcome as the classes are tailored to suit the student. 

Restorative Yin

Restorative yoga  is similar to yin in that the postures are held for several minutes but the goal is to experience relaxation and restorations. The intensity you might encounter in a yin pose is absent during restorative yoga. Restorative yoga uses many props, including bolsters, blankets, and blocks to help you get into this state. By coming into the feeling of being fully supported, your body and nervous system can relax completely.

Hatha Flow

Hatha includes the practice of yoga postures and  breathing exercises, which help bring peace to the mind and body. We flow from pose to pose but tend to hold each one a little longer working some strength into our practice. Hatha Flow is for all levels.


Slow Flow

These beautifully slow, flowing classes work strongly with breath and movement to mobilise and strengthen your body. These classes have their roots in therapeutic yoga and are great for all levels, abilties and bodies

Strength and Mobility

The perfect companion to Stretch and mobility this class has a strong focus on strengthening the body, keeping our bodies fit an healthy to perform everyday activities as well as prevent against injuries This is a great class for beginners but is suitable for all levels as well.


The TONE concept is a complete body workout focusing on form and alignment. High repetitions with a lighter resistance help develop muscular strength and definition. The specific exercise sequencing targets legs, glutes, back and core with a focus on Pilates, cardio bursts and body weight exercises. In the class we will use resistance bands, foam rollers and Pilates balls to maximise effectiveness. 

Try TONE to compliment and advance your yoga practice  

 Help, I'm New To Yoga!

Here are some important things I wish someone had told me before my first yoga class:



  • Firstly and most importantly:  Don’t be too hard on yourself. You don't have to be able to touch your toes to do yoga. This is, in fact, the very reason we would love you to do yoga. You are here to work on your flexibility – So don’t worry, your toes will get closer in time.

  • What should I wear? You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in – but we do recommend layers and something with a little breathing room so you are comfortable when you are moving around on your mat. Also, it can be easier to wear jandals or shoes that slip on easily as we have bare feet while practicing.

  • Do I need to bring anything to class? We have provided all the equipment needed for class so all you need to bring is yourself, a water bottle and maybe a towel if you get particularly sweaty. 

  • Arriving on time – as best you can please arrive 10-15 minutes before class, this will give you time to sign in, get set up and have some quiet time before we start the class. If you are late don’t stress just enter the class and find your place as quietly as possible.

  • Your Teacher is here for youIf you need any assistance just ask, or come an have a quiet word before or after class. Don't forget your teacher needs to know about any injuries or medical conditions you have so they can adjust or modify asana (poses) for you appropriately. It may be necessary to get cleared to practice yoga by a medical professional first. If you are unsure, reach out, we're here to support you.

  • Lastly: Just go with the flow (pun intended). During some classes, you will feel fantastic and others you will feel frustrated that you can’t do what you’ve been doing before. No day is the same, just accept what it is and keep showing up for yourself.

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