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Central Yoga Studio

Central Yoga Studio is a dedicated community space offering yoga and wellness in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Our focus is on connecting the body, the body the mind and the breath through yoga asana (postures).
At the same time we want to encourage more fun, more kindness and more love for yourself, for your body, and for each other.

The collaborative model was set up by our current teachers  Emmilee and Jen to be able to offer Cromwell the very best yoga teaching

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Meet Emmilee

Emmilee has been practising Yoga since finding the practise in her early university days. A love of the combination of the calming effects on the mind and how the physical side of the practise left her body feeling she took the plunge and decided to do her teacher training in 2016.

Emmilee's first teacher training was at a multi-style school in Thailand which she quickly followed up with an interest course in Therapeutic yoga. This led to her getting  her level 3 and 4 NZQA certificates in Anatomy and Physiology.  

Emmilee's goal is to get certified as a yoga therapist and she has been studying with Svastha Yoga since 2018.

Emmilee is also certified to teach Pre and Post Natal Yoga.

Emmilee teaches Dynamic Flow, Mindful Flow and Yin Yoga.

Meet Jen

Jen teaches Hatha Flow, slow flow and Men's Yoga

Classes At Central Yoga

Dynamic Flow

Based on a strong Vinyasa flow class, empowered flow will get your body moving. Every class will differ slightly with some focusing more on strength and power and some moving your body and feeling shifts in your energy. Each class will leave you feeling empowered and in flow with your body and your breath.

Who is this class best for?

If you are looking for lots of movement and possibly even a bit of a challenge this class is for you. Dynamic flow is generally faster paced and will get your heart rate up. While this class is ideal for those who are already fairly fit, it is easily modifiable, but please contact us if you aren't sure if this class is right for you.

Mindful Flow / Slow Flow

Slow is the new strong with these beautifully nourishing classes. Allow a little more time to connect a deeper with yourself -your body, your breath and your mind while moving and strengthening.

Who is this class best for?

This class is great for everyone, because the pace is a little slower it is easily modified to suit most. It is great for those who are more sedentary in their jobs or lifestyles and are looking to add some more movement into their lives. Or those who have a fast paced lifestyle and need some time to slow down a wee bit. These classes are perfect for beginners.

Mindful Yin

A class based on the principles of Yin yoga where we invite mindfulness and relaxation through long held stretches and allowing space to let our minds and bodies move towards stillness.

Who is this class best for?

This class is great for those who have an active lifestyle and need to pause. For those who are sporty and looking for a chance to stretch out. For those who have an interest in mindfulness and meditation but struggle to sit still. Because shapes are held for a long period of time shapes can be changed or adapted to suit individual bodies.

Hatha/ Hatha Flow

Description coming soon

Stretch & Mobility

Description coming soon